About Us

In 1990, when we founded Dexdee Fountains, we set out to build a modest company in the area of water fountain technology.

Driven by our Mission to put "Service before profit" and our long-term Vision "To build a truly global brand, based on quality, efficiency and integrity", we have turned that modest company into the most formidable company in the area of water display technology in Africa and have become the first name in fountain design, construction and maintenance.

We have built more water features than any other company in Nigeria. Our high quality equipment guarantees hitch-free operation of our water features for several years, with very low maintenance costs. For every functional fountain in Nigeria today, there is an 80% chance it was built by Dexdee.

In addition, as our company has evolved, we have developed competencies in the areas designing and developing water parks, leisure parks, golf courses, swimming pools and resorts.

Engr. Desmond O. Odiase (CEO & Founder, Dexdee Fountains)